Laura Petersen is an Intuitive and Spiritual Coach with an internal ability to get to the heart of an issue and speak to that place directly, helping one Heal in Body, Mind, and Spirit.


Know Thyself

Helping You Find Peace In Your Struggles

As an enlightened messenger of love, I am on a mission to help all women release their inner Goddess and Shine. Using my strengths in Alchemy, I have an ability to initiate change and bring forth those things that you may have kept hidden so they can be transmuted and transformed.

Delve Into A New Realm of Hope

All things have a beginning, a middle, and an end. When you cling to an old form, it will only bring decay. Release and Liberation are your birthright. As an Intuitive, I talk and connect with Spirit Guides and Angels everyday. This gift enables me to guide you through the deepest, darkest waters you may find yourself in.

Break Free & Learn to Let Go

My experience as a Priestess has taught me the power of healing through attuning to the natural rhythms of the seasons, connecting to the wisdom of my body and devoting myself to the power of my heart. If you’re feeling hopeless, confined, a prisoner of your own mind, let us delve into a new realm of hope. Let’s discover what else is possible.